Some ways

you can help


Volunteer your time

We are looking for people to help clean kennels, walk dogs to help with their leash manners, play with dogs in the play yard to help them learn socialization with humans other than their care givers, and bathe dogs. If you are interested, please fill out the application linked below. We currently are accepting volunteers Monday- Friday from 8:00am-2:00pm. We are hoping to expand these hours once we are fully staffed again!

We're looking for people who can:

Provide general care to our rescue animals including, feeding, washing and grooming

Take our dogs for daily walks and help socialise them

Write creative bios and content for our website and social channels

Photograph our new dogs to share them with prospective owners

If you have these skills we'd love to meet you!

become a volunteer

Foster an animal in need

We now offer Single Day Fosters (during shelter business hours), Weekend Sleepovers, Weekly Fosters, Monthly Fosters, Long-Term Fosters, and we've even added a Foster-to-Adopt Program. Click the link below to customize your foster preferences. We can't wait to work with you!

We’re excited for the extra cuddles and Marty is excited for the extra playtime! For your next foster or adoption please go see Cheryl Rhoads and all of the sweet puppies at the Tullahoma Animal Shelter
Amber Tate

The Process:


Complete the application to apply for the Foster Care program


Discuss the foster care process with our Shelter Staff


Wait for your application to be approved


Become a foster carer and make a difference to animals in need


Make a donation

The easiest way to donate is to purchase an item off of our Amazon wishlist! We appreciate all of the love and support our community shows these dogs! We try to keep our list updated as much as we can.

We appreciate every donation!

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