Cheer team bring cheer to animal shelter

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The Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer team went above and beyond to support the Tullahoma Animal Shelter this past weekend. In addition to volunteering their time to play with and socialize dogs and puppies, the team also generously donated much-needed food items, blankets and toys for the shelter animals.

Despite the cold weather, the dedicated athletes spent hours engaging with the animals, helping to improve their overall well-being and chances for adoption. The playful interactions not only brought joy to the dogs and puppies but also warmed the hearts of the Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer team members.

The Tullahoma Animal Shelter is a vital part of the community, providing a safe haven for abandoned and stray animals while working tirelessly to find them loving forever homes. The shelter's dedicated staff and volunteers ensure that all animals receive proper care, attention, and socialization, which is crucial to their well-being.

Animal Control Supervisor Cheryl Rhoads expressed her gratitude to the volunteers and praised their contributions, saying, "We are incredibly thankful to the Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer team for braving the cold weather, spending their valuable time with our animals, and donating much-needed supplies. Their efforts have made a significant difference in the lives of these dogs and puppies, and their willingness to give back to the community is truly commendable."

This act of service showcases the Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer team's commitment to making a positive impact in the Tullahoma community. Their volunteerism not only helps the shelter animals but also serves as an inspiration for others to get involved in local causes and give back to their communities.

For more information about the Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer team, please visit their website at or follow them on social media. To learn more about the Tullahoma Animal Shelter and how to volunteer or adopt, email them at or call 931-454-9580.

Tullahoma Gymnastics and Cheer is a premier gymnastics and cheerleading facility located in Tullahoma, TN. The organization is committed to providing quality training and instruction to athletes while promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and community involvement.

The Tullahoma Animal Shelter is a municipal animal shelter devoted to the rescue, care, and adoption of stray and abandoned animals in the Tullahoma community. The shelter relies on the support of volunteers, donations, and community partnerships to provide essential services and find loving homes for the animals in their care.

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