Theo's Journey Home: A Tale of Hope and Love at Tullahoma Animal Shelter

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The Tullahoma Animal Shelter, recently honored as a no-kill facility by Best Friends Animal Society, is overjoyed to announce the adoption of its longest-staying resident, Theo.

Theo went on a foster trial over Christmas after spending an astounding 888 days in the care of the Tullahoma Animal Shelter. Theo had been on many day-fosters for pup cups and trips to PetSmart. He had no idea that this foster would end up being his last. The family fell in love with Theo and made his adoption official at the end of the trial period.

Theo, a three-and-a-half-year-old dog, had been at the shelter longer than many of its current staff members. His story sheds light on the plight of ‘ordinary’-looking dogs who often remain in shelters for extended periods. Theo's journey to his forever home stands as a testament to the shelter's dedication and the importance of looking beyond appearances when adopting.

Cheryl Rhoads, the Animal Control Manager at the Tullahoma Animal Shelter, shared her thoughts on Theo's journey: “Seeing Theo leave with his new family was a moment filled with mixed emotions. On one hand, there’s this immense joy knowing he’s finally found a loving home. On the other hand, we’re going to miss his wagging tail and playful spirit around here. His story really highlights why we do what we do. Every animal, regardless of how long they’ve been with us or what they look like, has a unique personality and deserves a family to love. Theo’s adoption is a reminder of that and it's something we celebrate every day here at the shelter.”

The Best Friends Network recognition as a no-kill shelter is an important milestone for Tullahoma Animal Shelter, but it also brings to light the challenges faced by such facilities. These shelters are often overlooked by potential adopters under the misconception that the animals are already safe. However, the goal remains to find permanent, loving homes for these animals as a shelter environment, regardless of its no-kill status, is not a substitute for a loving family home.

The shelter continues to advocate for all its animals, offering an adoption fee of $100 that includes comprehensive vetting, spaying or neutering, vaccines, heartworm testing, internal parasite treatments, and a microchip. This initiative ensures that pets like Theo are not only healthy and safe but also ready to be welcomed into their new homes.

The Tullahoma Animal Shelter invites the community and potential adopters to come out and meet the dogs and see if there are any that are a good fit for your family. These pets, filled with love and affection, are eagerly waiting to become a cherished part of someone's life. The next adoption event that the Tullahoma Animal Shelter will participate in will be hosted by Tractor Supply in Tullahoma on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2024. The event begins at 8am and normally lasts until 2pm, if the staff feels that the dogs are comfortable.

For more information about adopting from the Tullahoma Animal Shelter and to learn more about other pets like Theo, email them at or call 931-454-9580.

The Tullahoma Animal Shelter is a no-kill municipal animal shelter devoted to the rescue, care, and adoption of stray and abandoned animals in the Tullahoma community. The shelter relies on the support of volunteers, donations, and community partnerships to provide essential services and find loving homes for the animals in their care. For more information visit

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